Highway Billboards vs. Flying Billboards

Highway Billboards vs. Flying Billboards: Are Aerial Banners Worth the Cost?

You have likely been lying on a beach and looked up to see a plane flying by towing a MASSIVE sign promoting the newest alcohol or iced coffee. Aerial billboards turn the heads of everyone in eye-shot, but how do flying billboards compare to highway billboards? Which one is more effective? Comparing flying banners to stationary billboards is the equivalent to comparing apples to oranges (cliché, we know). They are both forms of advertising, but these are such different forms that their costs will vary greatly – but we will do our best. 

TL;DR: Flying billboards are more effective than traditional billboards.

Price Tag: Traditional Billboard vs. Plane Banner

The cost of flying billboards range from $325/hour to $900/hour. Sounds hefty, especially when you see the cost of digital billboards sitting at $2,800/month averaging about $15 per thousand impressions. Aerial advertising often has a cost per thousand under $3.50. How is this possible  to have such a low CPM? Aerial advertising is reaches mass amounts of people in short periods of time. Real life example: UPMC Park holds 6,000 spectators. One 10-second flight over the park and you have 6,000 sets of eyes (plus all of the players, houses, traffic, pedestrians, and buildings surrounding). That’s reaching 10,000 people in 10 seconds. In 10 seconds, an average of 8 cars will pass any given stationary billboard. 10,000 people vs. 16 people – that’s quite a difference! Even with a larger price tag per hour, the cost per impression is far more impressive with a flying billboard. Flying billboards win this one.

Eye-Catching Appeal: Attention-Grabbing Advertising

Roadsides are flooded with billboards! They have become white-noise to our eyes, especially after two or three drives by. That’s not the case with plane banners. Every person who hears a plane flying stops what they’re doing and searches for it. Who doesn’t stop and stare when a plane flies by, let alone a massive billboard flying through the sky? Aerial advertising arrests people’s attention every time they pass through. Whether you’re promoting local events, or targeting local people, aerial Advertising takes this one too. 

Targeted Advertising: Reaching Your Audience

Digital marketing has taken hold of the first rule of thumb: target your audience! Why waste your money advertising to people who have zero interest in your product or brand!? Aerial advertising is no different. Erie Aerial Advertising is able to fly over specific events and locations to reach exactly who needs to see your business’ advertisement. Highway billboards reach only those who drive on that road. If you rarely drive on I-79, you’ll miss every billboard stationed there. Flying billboards are better than traditional billboards here too!

TL;DR: Flying billboards are more effective than traditional billboards

Aerial billboards reach mass amounts of people in very short lengths of time. Flying signs hold a very low CPM, or cost per thousand price tag! Businesses can take their brand directly to people at exactly the time and location of their choosing. Aerial billboards have made their way to Erie, PA – take your brand to the sky and get flying around asap!

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