Erie Aerial Advertising: First Flying Billboards are Launching in Erie

Business owners and marketing agencies in Erie, Pennsylvania will have an opportunity to reach new heights with their advertising by adding flying billboards, signs, and letter banners to their next campaign.

Erie, Pennsylvania August 2023 This year, airplane banner towing will give you a reason to look up. Erie Aerial Advertising now offers aerial banners, flying billboards, and airplane signs to all of Erie County. With Erie tourism on the rise, Erie Aerial Advertising owners Doug and Brandy Rekitt saw advertising potential in Erie’s open skies. Aerial advertising has been a booming industry in many other major tourist cities, and now Erie Aerial Advertising is putting Erie’s flying banner industry on the map.

Business owners Doug and Brandy Rekitt have worked in digital marketing for years, but after spending time on Presque Isle this summer, they wondered why no businesses were advertising in the sky with flying billboards.

“After talking with Fundamentals Flight’s owner, David Benson, we knew we needed to bring aerial advertising to Erie. He brings the aviation expertise and we bring the marketing. Together we’re making a great team.” Erie Aerial Advertising owner Douglas Rekitt shares.

Aerial banners are not exclusive to businesses and advertising agencies- proposals, gender reveals, and personal messages are available with letter banners. There’s something available for every budget. For aerial advertising quotes, contact fly@erieaerialadvertising.com.

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