How Much Does Airplane Banner Advertising Cost?

How Much Does Airplane Banner Advertising Cost? A Flight for Every Budget

Flying a plane is no cheap date, especially when you’re hiring a skilled pilot to tow an aerial banner. To even guess how much airplane banners cost is next to impossible! There are varying factors to the hourly rate, but let’s dig in: how much does airplane banner aerial advertising cost?

TL;DR: The rate varies depending on season and flight frequency, but the cost of aerial advertising ranges anywhere from $325/hour to $575/hour.

Aerial Billboard Production Cost

The initial aerial billboard production cost is one of the largest investments in airplane banner towing. This usually runs at $1.75/sq.ft. to produce. Airplane billboards are extremely large in size, the smallest ones running at about 20’x60’. Doing the math, the production of a small aerial billboard runs at about $2,100. The largest flying billboards are usually 30’x90’ and cost $4,725 to print. These are one-time investments because aerial billboards are reusable! These flying billboards can be flown for about 120 hours before needing to be replaced. 

Flying Letter Banners have NO Production Cost

If that initial aerial billboard production cost is out of budget, letter banners are a great alternative. These have no large production cost. The possibilities for custom messages are endless! These flying letter banners can be used for marketing businesses, campaign ideas for politicians, gender reveal ideas, happy birthday messages, and unique proposal ideas!   

Peak Season vs. Off-Season Pricing

There is a major difference in the number of eyes that will see an aerial banner in the winter vs. in the summer, therefore, there is a major price difference too! Off-season, October-April, has a base price of $350/hour, with an increase of $150/hour during peak season, May-September.

Flight Time: Frequent Flyer Discounts

As with most services, the more frequent the flights, the bigger the discount – a frequent flyer discount, if you will. Discounts of up to 30% off hourly rates can be applied with monthly advertising flights. The less frequent flights, (a la carte flights) are billed at an hourly rate.

Flying Billboard Cost Varies Greatly

In airplane advertising, there is definitely a fit for almost any advertising budget. Lower-budget advertising starts with aerial letter banners, off-season weekdays, and the price climbs with peak-season weekends and flying billboards. The best way to get the most accurate pricing is to reach out to Erie Aerial Advertising for a quote on your advertising needs.

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